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Structural SticK Glazing

Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation,Testing, Protection, Cleaning & Handover of stick glazing four sided structural glazing stick system. Structural & weather sealants, Open PU cell Spacer tape, backer rod, Bracketing system with MS hot dip galvanized / Aluminium Alloy of 6005 T5 brackets designed to accommodate. SS 304 grade fasteners & Anchor Fastners, nylon separators to prevent bi-metallic contacts, Aluminium trims and flashing to seal the gaps between stick glazing complete required to perform as per specification and drawing in conjunction with BOQ.

The system design shall be based on Closed joint system & design shall include pressure equalization drainage at all floor levels, spandrel panel shall have pressure release slots on vertical side of profile system to avoid condensation. The design to accommodate building movements, thermal expansions & the seismic movements.

The system shall be designed considering surface temperatures of 80-90 deg Cel & temperature differential of 25 deg cel without creating excess stress in the system.

All metal joints in the wet area shall be small joint sealant applied to ensure water tightness. With 6mm thick clear/reflective toughened glass.

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