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Aluminium Railing


Aluminium BASE bracket – 4" (H)x 6" (W)

Bottom Sections EPDM for Glass Fittings into Bracket (4 Types of EPDM’s)

Side Consealed Cap SS;   (Both the sides) Skirting

Handrail SS304 Rectangular Pipe {40mm (D) x 60mm (W)}

Aluminium Bottom Bracket – 300 mm plus Skirting (Silver Color Powder Coated)

HILTI Screws GI 10 x 100; Top Holding 8 x 80 Fastner

Transport, Supply and Installation,

Glass 12 MM Clear Toughened (Saint Gobain)

Total Standard Height Considered for Railing will be 950mm.  

Labour; Installations  Works

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