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Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel

We are basically manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP Panels to across India. We are a trusted company of Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP Panels to various industry sectors including residential and commercial building.
Palette of over 1000 design combinations to choose from A building has to impress at first sight. And because first impressions matter, we have three distinct exterior grade products that address a diverse set of design and performance specifications, so that come what may, your building… ‘Always Looks New’.

Facade engineering basically encompasses the creation of a building envelope that enhances the overall appearance of a building while performing a host of other functions as well.

What is Aluminium composite Panel?

Aluminium composite cladding system or ACP is typically a metal curtain wall system. ACP is made from lightweight aluminium with hard insulation. Aluminium composite cladding is used for exterior cladding, column covers, fascias and canopies, interior wall and partition panels, parapets, louvers and sunshades.

Why Choose Us?

We have extensive experience and skill set in providing ACP fabrication drawings and ACP installation drawings for offices, factories, shopping malls, and hospitals. Our expertise in ACP detailing also include 2D & 3D detailing & drafting. We have a highly successful track record and a growing but repetitive clientele which prove the value of our services. We meet the client’s demands and expectations with focus on quality and reliability.

The fire resistant aluminium composite panel consists of a specially formulated mineral core which contains 70% minerals (Aluminium Tri-Hydroxide – ATH & Magnesium Di-Hydroxide -MDH) and 30% polymer sandwitched between two aluminium sheets.

This system consists of a thermoplastic polyphyletic core. These composite panels are cut to shape according to panel sizes and fitted to wall / columns with help of 1.5” x 1” or 2” x 1” Aluminium extruded sections weight about 1 to 1.2 kg. Per 12 feet, which will be file secured to the masonry, finish. The grove between two panels will be filled with backer rod / 10 mm foam and finished with 789 Dow corning Silicon/ weather sealant.

The cladding is to be done on existing wall and Aluminum sheet will be used P.V.D.F quoted exterior grademakeAlstrong/Alstone/ Viva/ or equivalent .

  1. 3mm thick of 0.25 foil thickness ACP sheet
  2. 4mm Thick of 0.25 foil thickness ACP Sheet
  3. 4mm Thick of 0.50 foil thickness ACP sheet.

About aluminium composite panel

These aluminium composite panels are made of aluminium composite material. These are flat panels which consist of two thin coil coated sheets of aluminium and is bonded to a non aluminium core. These are very commonly used for external cladding and on facades of the building, signage and insulations. These are mainly used for external and internal claddings, partitions, signage, false ceilings, container construction and machine coverings. ACP is a very light weight material and is used in construction. These are mainly used in trade show booths and other such temporary elements and structures.

The use of ACP has gone up because of the advantages it offers. It is durable, efficient, flexible, low weight and easy to form. All these features allow for increase in rigidity and durability. Its usage must be considered if the core material is inflammable. It does not offer good fire resistance. 3A Composites which was formerly known as Alcan Composites & Alusuisse is credited for inventing aluminium composites in the year 1964 and its commercial production of started in the year 1969.

We offer a variety of products and combinations to add to the aesthetics and elegance of the building. The products we offer are exterior grade and come in variety of designs. Façade engineering is the creation of a building envelop that is used to enhance the appearance of any building as well as perform a range of other functions. The fire resistant ACP’s consists of a mineral core which has 70 percent minerals and 30 percent polymers.

ACP is a metal curtain wall system. These are made from lightweight aluminium with insulation. They can be used for exterior cladding, fascias, column covers, canopies, parapets, sunshades and louvers. We offer services in aluminium composite cladding, aluminium composite panel cladding, sign board aluminium composite panel, aluminium composite panel fabricators, aluminium panels for buildings and aluminium panel façade.

Our services include ACP fabrication drawings as well ACP installation drawings for factories, offices, hospitals and shopping malls. We also do 2D and 3D drafting and detailing. We offer a wide array of services to our clients as per their demands. We offer very reasonable rates for world class services and customize as per the needs and requirements of the client. We have a highly skilled and trained workforce and our aim is to deliver quality products and services on time.

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