Aluplast uPVC Systems & Doors

Aluplast uPVC Window and Door Systems
Unique Selling Points:

  • Only company in India directly supplying from Germany.
  • Aluplast profiles are made according to European Union Quality Standard EN12608 for uPVC window profiles
  • Aluplast profiles made of PVC-Dryblend are stabilized 100% lead free.
  • Aluplast profiles are made from a special tropical uPVC compound to withstand India’s increased UV radiation and to avoid discoloration.
  • Aluplast profiles are coextruded with weldable TPE – E gaskets for perfect insulation and durability


  1. Error- prone work step of manually introducing the gaskets is avoided
  2. Gaskets are attached more durably to the window profile.
  3. Top insulation due to excellent sealing
  4. Heat, noise, dust, water and pollution are shut out.

Internationally tested and certified by renowned test institutes


  1. Lead Free
  2. Weatherability
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Noise Insulation
  5. Water Tightness


  1. ift Rosenheim
  2. SKZ
  3. RAL
  4. TÜV
  5. CE
  1. Significant energy savings in combination with performance glass.
  2. Maintenance free, painting etc. not necessary.
  3. More value for money than high-end wooden or aluminium windows.
  4. Easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.
  5. Self-extinguishing in case of fire.
  6. Resistant to termites, rotting, rusting and corroding.
  7. In-house testing of windows for U-value, statics etc. available.
  8. Access to various internationally used Aluplast uPVC window systems and solutions.

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