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Automatic Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have high functional features of its own and if these doors come with improved customization, their features gain additional value. One of the prominent sliding doors is glass sliding doors.

The excelled feature of a glass sliding door is not restricted to the vision facility that it provides but has a higher aesthetic value. They are mostly used for small span openings as entrance doors of companies and administrative departments. The transparency that they provide makes the quality inner interiors of the hall easily visible to the outsiders making them keen and interested during their visits. Glass sliding doors have turned out to be a status symbol for the corporate offices.

Apart from the aesthetic look that they provide they ensure high functional efficiency. Glass sliding doors are totally automatic and used for frequent opening and closing. The operation timing of these doors can be easily set or reset for that matter. Even the maintenance of these doors is not at all a big deal. With very easy and efficient operation glass sliding doors are indeed a great customized solution in the entrance door automation system.

  1. Mostly popular amongst commercial buildings/shopping complexes
  2. Offices, corporate houses & internal door between two doorways in any industry.
  3. The doors are designed by us.
  4. These Doors are also available as manually operated door.
  5. Smart drives and controls are perfectly harmonized to guarantee easy assembly and programming.

Following features can be offered by us-


  1. High usage frequency.
  2. Our doors opens & close at a speed of speed 100-450mm/sec. (adjustable).
  3. Heavy duty Top Mounted track with timing belt.
  4. No obstruction at the bottom
  5. Various types of Standard & Economical range of panels are available to suite your building structural requirement.
  6. Doors can be constructed as partly pre-coated paneled/Aluminum sheets & partly glazing sheet
  7. Automatic Glass Sliding Doors can be constructed with vertical EPDM rubber seal.
  8. These doors offer interlocking facility between two doors
  9. The automatic sliding doors can be included with additional safety devices.
  10. Actuators such as radar detectors, push buttons, loop detectors or remote control can be added to the control system

Presenting “RECORD” – The Global Leaders for Entrance solutions since 1953- now in India.

RECORD offers the widest range of automated Entrance & Door systems for every kind of architectural design requirements. Our products are innovative, reliable aesthetic, functionally efficient,silent,easy to install & maintain.

1st & only brand in India to offer 2 Years Warranty.

Advantages with RECORD Products

Uniform Product specification & quality standard across the Globe.

Choice of OPTIMUM operator drive to suit the required passage dimensions & glass weight.

Unique roller track design with Rubber Acoustic dampner profile for silent operation.

Digital Display control panel for easy operation setting & door control.

Robust &Sturdy modular design-Easy to install, calibrate & maintain.

Linear Sliding doors

This linear, slimline, exceptionally elegant sliding door is the result of decades of experience at developing and manufacturing top quality products with innovative technologies and materials. Linear Sliding door systems are available in standard or customized designer models.


The standard model is suitable for all public buildings, inside or out, where convenience, corporate image and a welcoming entrance are important priorities. Also ideal for private applications.

Uses and benefits

  • Low noise, extremely reliable, refined technology, enhances convenience for customers.
  • Simple to install.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Linear Telescopic Sliding Doors

  • This elegant automatic sliding door makes any entrance special, and enables particularly large opening widths. Available as single or two leaf models, with either two or four sliding door leaves. Complete installation available in lightweight record profiles, or in heavy duty insulated glass.

  • Applications

  • The ideal choice as the representative entrance for your company or enterprise. Particularly suited to hotels, restaurants, hospitals and airports. Well suited to special retail outlets such as jewellery and watch shops, bespoke fashion stores and opticians.

  • Uses and benefits

  • 30 % more opening width for the same amount of space (in comparison to linear sliding doors), faster opening. Smooth and low noise operation gives any entrance that special touch.

  • Angular sliding doors

  • Thanks to its clever design, the record angled sliding door gives the entrance or façade of any building that special touch.

  • Applications

  • Enhances entrances and makes a particularly attractive architectural feature: Entrances of shopping centers, markets, show rooms etc. Plus buildings used by the public.

  • Uses and benefits

  • Striking good looks and reliable record technology both simplify convenience and enhance your corporate image. Can be angled inwards or outwards from the entrance.

  • Curved Automatic Sliding doors

  • The curved automatic sliding door for special entrances. Enhances the elegance and style of any building.

  • Applications

  • Suitable for all buildings used by the public where elegant looks are a top priority; can be fitted to both the inside or outside. Delivers made to measure, modern solutions; easily integrated into old and new buildings.

  • Uses and benefits

  • Convenient to use and capable of enhancing your corporate image, round and curved sliding doors distinguish any building, adding a touch of class.

  • Symbolizes elegance and style, Refined technology, top quality & Low noise options.

  • Folding doors

  • The record folding door is ideal when space is tight but quick and easy access is necessary. This model is easily integrated into most entrances, and can be fitted both in front of an opening as well as between two side walls. The perfect solution to keep the cost of building modifications as low as possible.

  • Applications

  • The record folding door is ideal for narrow passageways in restaurants, hotels, business headquarters, hospitals and old people s homes.

  • Uses and benefits

    • Suitable when space is very tight.
    • Simple to install.
    • Lowers cost of building modifications.
  • Sliding doors have become a part and parcel of modern living. Sliding doors are highly convenient, give a modern and elegant look to a place and can be customized as per the requirement of the customers. Sliding doors are not only practical and convenient but also add to the aesthetic value of any place. They are mostly used for small openings such as entry doors to the main building as well as to the rooms. They are transparent and are used in modern offices. They add to the visual delight of the workers and users and also add an elegance to the surrounding. They are used by modern day offices on a very large scale. They have also become popular in the malls and other residential buildings.

  • They not only add to the aesthetics of a place but are also highly efficient. These doors are automatic and are very convenient to open and close. They are best suited for environment where frequent opening and closing of doors are required. The operation timing for glass sliding doors can be set and reset as per requirement. They are very easy to clean and maintain. They can be customized as per the need and requirement of the customers.

  • We provide auto door services, auto glass, auto slide, door automation, auto operator and autogate. Our doors are very popular and in very high demand by commercial buildings and shopping complexes. We provide services suited for offices, corporate houses and any other industry requiring this service. The doors are designed by us and meet international standards. We also sell manually operated doors. We guarantee easy assembly and programming.

  • The features which we offer are high usage frequency, very high speed of closing and opening which is adjustable, heavy duty doors which have timing belt, smooth and clear bottom, variety of standard and reasonably priced panels are available to suit different request and requirements, doors with aluminium and glazing sheets, interlocking facility between doors, additional safety devices and actuators which include radar detectors, loop detectors, push button and remote control.

  • RECORD offers a variety of doors meeting variety of requirements. The products are aesthetic, innovative and very durable. The doors are efficient, silent and easy to maintain. We offer two years warranty. The advantages of the product include uniformity in the quality and specification, use of optimum operator drive, a unique roller track design along with rubber acoustic for silent operation, digital display control panel and robust and sturdy design.

  • We have got linear sliding doors which are a result of decades of experience and research. These are very high quality doors and can be customized as per the requirement. These are suitable for all buildings and for both internal and external usage. These doors are reliable, high quality, sound cancelling, simple to install and easy to maintain.

  • Linear telescopic sliding doors are automatic and suited for large openings. They are suited for hotels, hospitals, restaurants and airports. They are also being used by retail outlets. It provides 30 percent more width for the same amount of space. It adds to the elegance of any building. These doors are good looking and reliable. Modern technology is used in their operation. They can be easily integrated in the old buildings. We also offer folding doors which are suited for places with less space. They can be fitted in front as well as sides. They can be integrated at a very low cost. These doors are suited for places with less space and are easy to install and maintain

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