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Leading Manufacturers of Architectural Aluminum Products. Our extensive design, colour offer, large glass surface possible, high insulation capacity has always provided maintenance friendly and extremely reliable systems.

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We partner with over 500+ amazing seds projects worldwide.There anyone who loves or desires to obtain pain of it is because seds all occasionally circumstances.

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Leading Manufacturers Of Architectural Aluminium Products

Strength: – Very high strength (minimum UTS 185 mPa)

Aesthetics: -Limitless colours & textures .

Temperature Stability :- Stable in range 150 Degree C.

Fire Resistance :- Non – Combustible.

Resale Value :- 100 % recyclable and hence, high resale value..

Rich Research, Dedicated Customer Service and Cost Competitive Solutions

Thermal Expansion: – Coefficient of thermal expansion.

Thermal Insulation .

Sound Insulation :- noise abatement with damping factor of 25.9 .

Maintenance :- easy to maintain & at low cost.

Environment Friendly :- Endlessly recyclable.

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