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Louvres Window Blinds

We are specializing in custom shape wall louvers, decorative louvers, louvered sunshades for the architectural construction market. In selecting wall louvers and vents, consideration for your application is critical to your project success. Louvers are designed to allow air into the building while keeping out unwanted elements. Improper louver selection may lead to water leakage. We have wide range of Galvanized Steel Louvre & Aluminium Louvre, which are Super Durable, Powder Coated.

Our Solutions has already been reputed for futuristic designs both for the grand exterior and the cozy and fabulous interior, blending the aristocratic mild luster of premium aluminium with the magnificent and see – through – air quality glazing. We admit that we are choosy regarding design plans for all the consignments, obstinate to shuffle wildest imaginations and to bear burning quest for innovations. Still, we hold the banner of pride high, with flying colors of achievements, the fruit of collective effort by hand working professionals of remarkable distinction to make endless dimensions of premier, novel and beauteous Louvres for you.

We have wide range of Galvanized Steel and Aluminium Ceiling & Louvre which is electro statically Epoxy, Pure Polyester & Super Durable Powder Coated or Coil Coated. Panels can be Plain or Perforated.

Product Range:

Product Range:

Exterior Louvre: U Shaped Baffle Multi Shaped / SL-4 / SL-5 / H-3 / 84-R.

Metal Ceiling: Clip In & Lay In with Various Sizes, 84C, 84R, 84RF, Plank C Beam, 150F, Baffle Screen open type & Z Shaped Open etc.

Kindly ask for Technical detail, Price, Samples etc. for Specific Project inquiry. We glad to fulfil your any query.

Louvers Window Blinds/Aluminium Louvres

What is a louver?

Louver is a window blind or a shutter which has horizontal slats. These slats are angled to allow light and air. Though they allow light and air in a room, they keep out direct sunshine and rain. The slats which are there in blinds can be adjusted or maybe fixed, depending upon the requirement of the clients. It is said that louvers originated in the middle ages. During those times, they were lantern like structure and were mostly fitted on top of holes on roof in huge kitchens to keep out snow and rain. They were not as refined as they are now. They were crude constructions in those days. With the passage of time, their design was improved and the modern louver came into being. It had strings which could be pulled to open or close the slats.

Uses of louvers and their types

Modern day louvers are made of glass, wood, metal and aluminium. They can be motorized or opened with strings, pulleys or lever. These are technical devices used in modern architecture. Some of these are used to improve indoor daylighting of a building. There is a fixed mirrored louver system. They are used to diffuse light and reduce glare. These louvers can be incorporated between two panes of double glazing. These are also used in power plants and steel foundries for natural ventilation and controlling temperature. Louvers can also be used as flood openings. These are designed to let floodwaters enter as well as leave the building to equalize hydrostatic pressure on the walls of the building and to mitigate any damage due to flood waters.

Louvers are also used by some architectures to add an aesthetic value to the buildings. These are used on the façade of the buildings to create aesthetic effects. A combination of different type and sizes of louvers are used. Some louvers are fixed, some are moveable but they are wooden to add to the beauty of the building.

We specialize in all kinds of louvers such as decorative louvers, wall louvers, louvered sunshades, window blinds and shades, blackout window blinds, venetian blinds, faux window blinds, shutter window blinds and kitchen window blinds. We deliver the louvers best suited to the clients’ needs and requirements. We offer a very wide range of galvanized steel louvers and aluminium louvers. They are very durable and world class but priced very reasonably. We have a wide array of products and a very well trained workforce to provide the best in class service to the customers. We customize the product as per the requirement.


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