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    This section gives an overview of satori consulting, its business, values & commitment, and its management. Satori consulting is a management consulting firm founded in 2002. We are committed to enabling our client by providing suggestions to them in their most pressing issues to create maximum impact.


   This system is designed to meet the needs if of office, corporate, commercials, healthcare and banking. This system is highly flexible. Many businesses find a demountable partitioning system to be the perfect solution when they need to grow or change their workspace. Demountable partitioning can be installed, removed or extended quickly around staff, meaning less disruption to your business.

    In comparison to traditional partitioning, the flexibility of a demountable system can provide excellent cost savings should you wish to update, extend or rearrange your space. If you lease your space, you can also take your partitioning with you if you move premises. The installation of demountable partitioning requires no wet or messy trades on site. This helps to save time and money and enables a speedy clean up. The partitioning also leaves no marks when removed, meaning no repair work is necessary should you wish to update your layout.

    Our commitment is to provide regular introduction of new designs, new profiles with customer satisfactions. Our product has been cleverly designed and easy to understand, enabling designers to fully express their creativity without the constraints of factory tooling, molding and pre-fabrication lead time. Our product comes in a wide range of styles, finishes and functions that will complement and enhance any projects. We have several systems that are able to provide both at the same time as offering design creativity and flexibility. Our full time design staff provides a comprehensive CAD support service and any other tender documentation can be provided upon request. Our project and technical staff are available at any given time, in any location, to provide a technical support service whenever necessary.


  • To provide best quality of product at fair and competitative prices.
  • To gain customers satisfaction to ensure longevity of our company.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our Architects, Interior Designers, PMC and End Clients.
  • To achieve highest level of quality – what we do, we strive to do it BEST.

Goal :

     Our goal is to access in global market. We strive to do business with each segment of clients, let the project be of 100 sq ft or 1,00,000 sq ft, we do it all with same spirit and enthusiasm.

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