Frameless Glass Partitions

12mm Fixed glass with I/L& Glass Door

Types of Frameless glass partitions
  1. Top and bottom patch fittings
  2. Top patch fittings and bottom insert
  3. Glass doors with over panel
  4. Patch fittings Double leaf Doors

Patch Fitting Glass System

    This system provides for frameless member system. It combines specially processed toughened glass panes, bolted together at the corners with metal patch fittings available in various colours to suit the elevation. The panel-to-panel joints are sealed with a silicone sealant. Patch fitting glasses have a limitation of height.

Sliding Doors

    Glass partition with 8/10/12mm toughened glass and laminated toughened glass with options of swing and sliding doors. Full height partition and half height partitions for commercial & residential layouts. Transparent and opaque overviews can be obtained with sand blasting and acid-etching/3M stickering.

    Patch fittings are the glass architectural hardware which revolutionaries frameless toughened glass partition for the office interior and elevation glazing with glass doors and fixed glass.

   Fabricated Saint-Gobain toughened glasses of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 19mm thickness clear and extra clear glasses. Colour tinted toughened glasses of blue, brown and grey shades. Laminated glasses of various thickness specifications. Milk white glass and paint back toughened glass. All the glasses with value added service of fabricating exclusively for interior and exterior concepts based on proposed designs. All the joints and corners of the toughened glasses are packed with silicon sealants of various colors like white, black or clear.

Frameless Glass Partitions Details

    There are various types of glass partitions. Some of them are top and bottom patch fittings, top patch fittings and bottom insert, glass doors with over panels and patch fitting double leaf doors. Frameless glass partition system provides a system which is frameless. It is a combination of various things like toughened glass panes and metal patch fittings. The glass panes are bolted at the corners with the help of metal patch fittings. The metal patch fittings are available in various colours. The joints which are panel to panel are sealed using silicone sealants. There is a limitation of height in patch fitting glasses.

    Frameless glass partitions are used in making sliding doors. They can also be used in making glass wall partitions, frosted glass partition walls, dividing wall partitions and plexiglass partition walls. Partition wall glass can be used in office and in homes. Frameless glass partitions impart an elegant look to a place and are very durable.

    Swing and sliding doors are made from toughened glass of 8/10/12 mm thickness. Partitions are full and half height for commercial and residential layouts and designs. Sand blasting, acid etching and 3M stickering are used to get opaque and transparent overviews. Patch fittings are those architectural hardware which revolutionized frameless glass partitions of toughened glass. They are used for office partition and elevation glazing along with fixed glass and glass doors.

    Fabricated toughened glass by saint gobain of various thickness such as 4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm and 19 mm are used. These are thick and extra clear glasses for a beautiful appearance and toughness. There are colour tinted toughened glasses which come in blue, grey and brown shades. We also provide laminated glass of various thickness. Milk white glass and toughened black glass is also available. We not only provide glass but also fabrication service especially for home and office exteriors and interiors. The designs are very modern and concept based. We can also customize the designs as per the requirement of the customers. The joints and corners of the toughened glasses are sealed by silicone sealants which come in different colours such as white, clear and black.

    Frameless glass partitions and doors give a neat and elegant look to nay place. They can also give a long-drawn-out sightline. We make available the entire range of office glass partitions. Our company is striving to develop new ideas in this field and provide quality and affordable service to our customers. The advantages of these glass partitions include transparency, space saving, daylighting, versatility and cost cutting. They come in a range of designs to suit all tastes and requirements.

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