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UPVC Partitions

UPVC Glass Partitions

Upvc glass partitions means giving a unique look to your home or office. Apart from being rightly soundproof; they open up space and let in light.  We provide custom-built glass rooms for clients across in India. After taking your enquiry, we measure your area, discuss different options and then make glass designs that fit your finances and specific needs.

Our Upvc glass partition walls are perfect as: –

  • 1> Workplace walls and dividers
  • 2> mirrored walls
  • 3> Conference room walls
  • 4> Privacy walls whether you need a simple design or a customized one, we have plenty of options on offer.

UPVC fixed portion with Novopan (12mm Thick), or 12mm, or 10mm, toughened glass,

One side Decorative Prelam Boards, (Both side Decorative Novopan Twin @ Extra Cost), Or Bakelite Sheet (4mm)

Standard Height of application for laminate considered 3 feet from the bottom.

Glass shall be of Saint Gobain Make i. e. 4mm/5mm Clear Glass, or reflective Glass.

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