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Galvanized Steel French Door

Satori Galvanized Steel French Door Specification:

Material: Satori Galvanized steel French Door (Frame:- 1.00mm & shutters:- 1.00mm material used) M.S.Griil in Horizontals lines (bar 10.00mm) Bar spacing 100mm.

10 mm sq bright bar grill (horizontal grill), SS Hinges, 4 mm branded clear glass,(Saint Gobain, Asahi, Modi)

PP powder coated shutters and frame.

Standard accessories: SS Aldrop, 6″ handles – 2 from inside, 1 from outside.

We will do supply & installation, both. Any civil work required will be client’s responsibility.

Satori Galvanized Steel French Door Description :
Galvanised folding door 4 leaf with frame SIZE H- 8’X8′ -W
Galvanised folding door 3 leaf with frameSIZEH-7’X6′-W
Galvanised folding door 2 leaf with frame SIZEH-7’X4′-W
Galvanised folding door 1 leaf with frame SIZEH-7’x3′-w

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