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Arched/Bend Aluminium Windows


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Frame Color

Mahogany, White, Walnut

Window Height (in mm)


Window Width (in mm)


You might like to break the monotony of rectangular UPVC windows, and  without compromising on the inward allowance of light, air. We bring you freshness of the  old-world charm of an aluminum or upvc windows  and take the aesthetic value of your bungalow or school to another level. An arched window is square or rectangular at the base with openable sashes available in various topologies, and at the top having a half-arch or full-circle fixed window.



 White, Mahogany, Walnut

 Customized according to the client`s specific topology requirement.


Glass Option: Annealed Glass, Toughened Glass, Laminated/ PVB Glass, Tinted Glass, Reflective Glasses, Pinned Glass, Frosted Glass. (Any other glass thickness according to client`s specific topology requirement)

Applicable Places: Bunglows,
 High rise buildings, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, Industrial establishments, Residential Unique Building, Elevation.



• Best Thermal Insulation & Energies Savings

• Efficient Sound Insulation

• Maintenance Free

• Excellent Weather Tightness for air or water

• Materials which are Fire Retardant

• Quick Installations

• Longer life because it’s Termite Proof

• Environment Friendly Materials

• Recyclable Material Durability

The ‘arched’ aluminum or upvc windows  or ‘radius’ windows, the bottom half of the windows are square or  rectangul, while the top is an half-arch or full-circle. Arched shaped windows presents a softness & elegance to a room, and place or deal with close together for contrasting effect to the straight corners of rectangular windows, and walls for a contrasting effect. Arch and radius windows do operate in such a fashion so as to let in fresh air , or fixed to only let in light.

A popular way to enhance the design of an aluminum or upvc windows  is adding MS grids. GI Grids are bars that divide the windows glass into smaller panes for aesthetics. GI Grids are available in exterior, and interior options, to better simulate real divided lights, while internal grids facilitate glass cleaning.

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